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Whether buying or selling real estate, there are fundamentals that you as a potential buyer or seller should educate yourself about in order to ensure that your next real estate transaction, whether residential, land, commericial or otherwise, goes as exactly as you want and need it to.

I've offered extensive tips and information for the potential real estate buyer and seller in this section - use the menu above to go through the steps to buying, or selling a home, from figuring your home's current market value, to getting prequalified to purchase your next "Coastal Castle"! And as always, if you need to get in contact with me directly, and are ready to start the next step for buying or selling, just email me anytime and we'll get started!

Buying and Selling Real Estate

The Buying Process The Selling Process
• First Thing: Find a Realtor® • First Thing: Find a Realtor®
• Step 1: Pre-Approval • Step 1: Pre-Listing Inspection
• Step 2: How Much House Can You Afford? • Step 2: What is Your House Worth?
• Step 3: Type of Loans • Step 3: Marketing Your House
• Step 4: Mortgage Calculator • Step 4: Offers / Negotiation
• Step 5: Buyer's Resources • Step 5: Seller's Resources
• Start the Process... • Start the Process...

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