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Step One: Pre-Inspection

Pre-inspections can serve a positive end, but sellers are wise to retain control over the process. Some sellers wonder why they should conduct pre-sale inspections. Won't the buyers want to hire their own inspectors? What if an inspection uncovers defects that you have to disclose? Wouldn't it be better to wait to have inspections done until after the buyers have committed to buying the property? Not at all! The main reason home-sale transactions fall apart is defects discovered during the buyers' inspections.

Buyers often try to renegotiate the price after they receive their inspection reports. They argue that they weren't aware of the problems when they made their offer. By ordering inspections before you market your home, you decrease the odds that you'll have a failed transaction due to inspection-related issues. Buyers will be able to evaluate pre-sale reports prior to making an offer.

Another reason to have your home pre-inspected is that it gives you a better understanding of issues that could affect the sale. You can then decide if you want to make repairs before marketing your home. Even if you decide not to make repairs, you will have a better idea of how much you'll net from the sale.

Whether to let buyers pre-inspect your property is another issue. The benefit of buyer pre-inspections is that you might receive offers that don't have an inspection contingency.

It's usually in the seller's best interest to level the playing field. If you discourage pre-inspections by buyers, then all buyers have an equal advantage where inspections are concerned.

If you provide your own pre-sale inspection report, done by a reputable local home inspector, buyers will be aware of any significant defects before they make an offer.

The point of providing presale inspection reports is to educate buyers about the condition of the property. It is not to deny them the opportunity to inspect the property themselves after an offer is accepted. Buyers should then be encouraged to complete any inspections they deem necessary.

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