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Before you Get Started: Find a Realtor®

Buying real estate can be a very complex process - procedures and protocols must be followed, jargon and lingo can sometimes be confusing, and the task of finding the right house for you, matching all the criteria that you want, can simply be daunting. A licensed Realtor® is here to help!

Regulations, Protocol, and Realtors®

As a Realtor®, I've been trained extensively on state and federal regulations regarding real estate transactions, and so am very familiar with all procedures and protocols that are involved in buying real estate.

Our Jargon

Real estate can sometimes take on a language of it's own - sometimes this language needs to be translated into common terms so that the parties involved in a transaction can fully understand what's being communicated. Realtor's live this language, so we can readily make sense out of what may otherwise be nonsense!

Inventory - We Know!

As a Realtor, I take the task of fully knowing the local real estate inventory very seriously. In order to best serve your needs, I'm constantly learning as much as I can about available houses, lots, commerical opportunities, shared ownerships, condos, and more! Every week I tour the local Lincoln County circuit to walk through some of the area's hottest listings, so I can get a first hand understanding of the listing's features, it's drawbacks, and it's sometimes "hidden" gems that no-one else can see...all to make sure that when it comes time for negotiations, all the facts are on the table.

Step 1: Pre-Approval

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